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Kompletní návody a nastavení hostingu

VPS Center help

Kompletní návod pro VPS

Database management

Database management on hosting (establishing, deleting, password change) is done customer service centre in Domain/Database section. Data can be adjusted in admin applications  Adminer, PhpMyAdmin or PhpPgAdmin.

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We back up every day at night into another server room.

If you  need a database dump you can get it wit one click in customer service in Domain/Databasesection or in Adminer, PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgAdmin admin application.

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Connection details to MySQL

  • Login name: something.customer ID
  • Database name: something_customer ID
  • When loging to PhpMyAdmina use login name
  • Example script:
    $pripojeni = mysql_connect("localhost", "mojedb.ID", "**vase heslo**");

Connection details to PostgreSQL

  • Login name: something_customer ID
  • Database name: something_customer ID
  • Example script:
    $pripojeni = pg_connect("host=pgsql.vas-hosting.cz dbname=mojedb_ID user=mojedb_ID password=**vase heslo**");

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Defaultly distant login to MySQL is prohibited. In case your need us we are happy to help. 

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All about domains

For successul transfer you need to change the domain registrar and DNS settings. All must be approved by the owner. For an approval an email must be send to email adress of the owner (usualy the same email address as the one while registering the domain). An access to this email is neccessary. If confusing, we are happy to send more details. 

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A domain stands for "Domain name". Is is a unique internet address which is being written into the browser address bar on the tp of the page. The main purpose is to replace long IP addresses. It is easy to write a domain in the address bar and press Enter to find your domain. You can get webhosting, create a web on wordpress and secure with HTTPS. All you need, you can get from us.

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Using accents is highly common these days. The reason to use it is to protect your brand. Some domain ending (e.g.LTD) support domain accent registration. Czech domains do not support it but it is only a matter of time to find accents next to the ".cz" domain ending 

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Don't worry because everything is very easy and fast. Thanks to the usage of several paying methods you get your domain active within 5 mins after paying your order. Sometimes it is neccessary to wait few more minutes due to DNS settings. 

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You don't need to worry about your domain extension. We will contact you and your billing contacts in advance and remind you several times to have your domain extented. If you are no longer interested in your domain, please let us know so we can use it for somebody else. 

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We are always ready to help on email, telephone, skype or web chat. It doesn't matter whether you are a database expert or just looking for your first domain. We will always help you. 

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Client setting

You can add a new email account in Account setting in the main menu Tools. On the Email tab, click on New and select POP3 / IMAP. On the next page check Manually configure. Fill in the next page as the image below.

Nastavení účtu
Template for a correct setting of a server mail.vas-hosting.cz

 As a type of the account select older POP3 or modern IMAP4. The login name is your full email address. Continue on Next setting.

Next setting

On Server tab for outgoing post select as on the picture.

Nastavení odchozího serveru
Correct set up of SMTP

Security of connection - SSL

If you want  your post secured its necessary to select an option of SSL as on the picture below. You need to check the ports: 995/993 (POP3/IMAP) and especially 465 (SMTP).

Nastavení portů pro SSL

Proper setup of SSL encryption


Confirm all settings and press Next to finish adding a new account.

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Add a mail accoun

How to add a new account is in Account settings - Account acction - Add a mail account. Or you can use Thunderbird.

You need to decide if you willl use an older version POP3 server or modern IMAP. The ports are depended in this choice. We use the default port numbers - 110 (POP3), 995 (POP3S), 143 (IMAP), 993 (IMAPS) - ports will be set up automatically during the test of the setting. Other configuration is similar to the one of an outgoing server (address, user name and password).

Založení poštovního účtu
Configurration of IMAP (unsecured connection)

Nastavení účtu
Account setting

Nastavení serveru
IMAP server setting with secured login

If you want your communication secured, always select SSL security.

Setting of an outgoing server

If you don't have from your internet provider server designed for outgoing mail, you will need to set up our SMTP server mail.vas-hosting.cz. In the main menu select Tools > Account settings … and then with the outgoing servers add to the list a new one with the following settings:

  • Server name: Vas Hosting (Arbitrary)
  • Server address: mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • Port: 25, for secured SMTPS 465
  • User name: email address (e.g. name@mydomain.cz)

We recommend to choose the way of security, the correct ports are set automatically.

Nastavení smtp
Configuration (unsecured connection)

If you have any SMTP server from your provider, it is possible that you won't be able to send your mail. You will need to use settings from your provider then (in the contract or provider's website)

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Client setup

Add a new account

Adding a new account is done through a guide that run in the main menu Tool > Accounts and select Add > Mail…

Write these details in the guide:

  • Type of a server of incoming post: older POP3 or modern IMAP
  • Server of incoming mail: mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • Server of sent maily: mail.vas-hosting.cz*
  • Account name: full email address (e.g.: name@mydomain.cz)
  • Password: your password from Customer service Centre

* If you have SMTP server, it is possible that you will not be able to send your mail - then it is necessary to use the settings from your provider (in the contract or on the website).


Vlastnosti účtu - karta Obecné

Vlastnosti účtu - karta Servery
Configucation for POP3 and SMTP

Vlastnosti účtu - karta Upřesnit
Port setting 

If you want your communication absolutely secured, select always SSL security - needs to use ports 465 (SMTPS) and 995 (POP3S), or 993 (IMAPS)

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  • POP3 server: mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • IMAP4 server: mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • SMTP server: mail.vas-hosting.cz
  • User name: all email address (e.g. mail@vasedomena.cz)
  • Password: your original and safe password
  • Available secured protocols POP3S, IMAP4S, SMTPS,

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Log in to customer service centre, choose domain section and then email to manage the post server. Not click on Create a new account, fill in the name and password and it's all set. 

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Every email can be redirected to another meaning every email will be redirected to the chosen account. You can redirect emails to more accounts at the same time. Accounts need to be separated with a semicolon. You can choose whether the email copy stays in your account as well or not. 

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When sending an email through webmail the attachments are limited to 10 MB, from deskop cllient 30 MB.

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There is antispam opetaring in every email account. Suspicious e-mails are marked with **SPAM* prefix. Due to that you can set the filters to delete them or save to a special file. We use self-edited mailserver Postfix with many  accessories that we configured into highly effective solutions after years of practice.

If you want your setting to for example always accept email from @seznam.cz or always delete email from @sentrum.cz contact us and we will help. 

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.All email accounts are controlled by antivirus automatically (can be turned of for individual accounts). Emails with a virus won't be delivered. Antivirus works with known viruses database. It there is a new virus not in the database, it might be delivered. We recommend to ude the antivirus on your device. 

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All about e-mails

Did you know that customers are more likely to choose a business partner thanks to his email address on his own domain? It's definitely worthy. With memorable addresses about can promote your brand with every single email. 

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You can access your email from the office, the house and even the holiday on Bali. Set up your computer, phone, watch or tablet very easy. Don't feel like dealing with mail programmes? Connect to your webmail on mail.vas-hosting.cz and be ready. Webmail works from your phone and computer. 

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Very easily! There are autoconfiguration scrips for most devices so just put your@email with the password to to most email clients and all sets up automatically. If not, there goes our Help.

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When it comes to mail the word SPAM is a sensitive topic. That's why we try to use all kinds of techniques and tools. There is a spam policy available to help. Some doesn't want to miss any email from specific domains, some wants to block them. All this available with us.

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We are very benevolent with limits. We enable to create any number of email accounts or its aliases. We don't worry abour tha capacity used. Overall used space of your domain is the only limit we have. Max limit of your email is 50 MB. Anyway we recommend not to use large atachment. 

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Of course! It's all about the setting. For the best result we recommend to use IMAP protocol. Your post will be synchronized. You will see the labels and forwaring on every device. 

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Connection to the server goes through FTP protocol with any programme supporting FTP protocol transfers. If you don't have a programme like that, you can use our webftp. You will need server address, login name and password. If you want a programme like that, you can use WinSCP or Filezilla.

Server address is  ftp.your-own-domain.cz and login name and password are those you received by an email (or you can check customer service centre. Passwords are not safed anywhere so you need to set up a new one.

Conection to FTP is possible through a standard web browser. Just write ftp://user:password@ftp.your-own-domain.cz .in the address bar.  

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FTP questions

Names of all accounts can be found in customer service centre in Domain/FTP section. Password are irreversibly encrypted due to security reason s if you forget you will need to change it in account setting. 

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Client setting

FileZilla is a favourite open source FTP client available for free on filezilla-project.org.

Create an FTP connection

In the Folder menu choose Places manager, click on New place. Fill in the tabs as follows:
  • Host: ftp.your-domain.cz
  • Logon type: Normal or Ask for password
  • User name: your-domain.cz
  • Transfer mode: we recommend Passive  (Transfer Settings tab)

It is not necessary to modify or adjust other parts for proper functionality . Now you just need to click Contact and enter the password.

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Client setup

Total Commander is the most used file manager and is sometimes used as an FTP client.

 Create a new FTP account

From the menu select Network Connections to FTP server (Ctrl + F). In Connection manager click on New connection and fill in the following details:

  • Session name: optional (a name created for this connection by you)
  • Host: ftp.vase-domena.cz
  • User name: vase-domena.cz
  • Distant folder: optional, e.g.  /www/ for access to the main folder
  • Local folder: optional, any folder on you pc
  • Use passive mode of connection

Storing passwords in Total Commander can cause a site to be hacked by a virus, especially on unsecured PCs and older versions of TC. More information can be found here.


Total Commander FTP

FTP connection

To connect to FTP you only need to confirm and press Connect. If you filled in the address of a distant folder, this address will appear in the active panel. If you filled in also local folder, this address will be in a second panel. You can safe lots of time by doing it. 

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All about hosting

When you get a hosting program, there will be a dedicated space for your data on our server. Basically you can imagine it as a space in a computer disc, but this one is accessible from everywhere. You get also an access to your customer service and to all the neccessary details is sent to your email. Then it is up to you - upload the data and create an emails.

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If all this is a bit confusing for you, just order Lite - tariff that includes what is needed e.g. email, databases, web, etc. You can run your blog, company website or more complicated applications.If you need to install your web to wordpress, order tariff Wordpress. You can always change your tariff, add more space, etc. If you are going for more complicated projects,try our virtual servers. If still confused, please contact us.

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If you created a web in HTML in Dreamweaver or similar, all you need it log in to FTP and copy the files to the www file. To make it easier there are web ftp for you. Anyway we recommend a classic FTP client, the most popular is FileZilla operating on Windows, Mac and Linux. For Windows we recommend WinSCP. 

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First step goes to your email. There is an initial installation protocol where you find all links and accesses. Next step is our customer service centre. You use your access from the email. There you can sort out your email accounts, databases and FTP

Once you have all accesses, set up FTP client and upload neccessary files to your domain. Your web is ready.

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There is one domain on one hosting, including a database, email accounts and data space. Other of your domains can have hosting nd some of our services that are free with a domain, e.g. redirection, alias, free basic hosting (No emails and databases). Looking for multiihosting? Check our virtual server offer. You get an easy interface as hosting. Don't worry about the server management - it's included.

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Hosting details

You can use the configuration file .htaccess on our servers.You can copy it to FTP or generate it in Customer service as Special address book setting. There is a place to write rules for mod-rewrite. You can customize the .htaccess.


Directive rules for mod_rewrite can be used without limitations.Documents and instructions can be found here: 

More configuration directives in .htaccess are allowed but limited due to security. 

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Every hosting programme has a certain disk capacity. If it's not enough, request number of megabytes in technical support  and we will take care of it. Prices of extension are in our price list.

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Customer service centre

Easy application that manages domains and hosting programme. It's available on centrum.vas-hosting.cz in different languages and help.

PostgreSQL Administration - phpPgAdmin

Your postgreSQL database can be managed through  phpPgAdmin available on  pgsql.vas-hosting.cz.

MySQL Administration - phpMyAdmin

MySQL database can be operated through  phpMyAdmin or easy and fast  Adminer by Jakuba Vrána. They are available on mysql.vas-hosting.cz and adminer.vas-hosting.cz.


If you don't have an email client by your hand, you can use our web email client RoundCube available on mail.vas-hosting.cz


There is also a web FTP client available for you in cases you have problems with your FTP or you are using a different pc on webftp.vas-hosting.cz.


Easy visitor and approaches statistics on web run with awStats are available on stats.mydomain.tld, e.g. stats.kareldytrych.cz.

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Open source aplications on Vas hosting

Are you ready for everything? we are as well. We don't want to limit your business so we support Open Source solution to give you your own content management system, forum or blog for free or with little expenses.

Open source system or free available solution for webs, forums, blogs, etc. is a computer software with open source code. Openness means a technical code availability and legal availability - software license. Due to that you can use hundreds of modifications or customize your open source system. More here wikipedii- open source.

The best open source ever that runs your web on our sever:


the most used content management system ever, especially with blogs. It is written in PHP and MySQL with wide user and developer community and hundred of thousands of downloads. Thank to GNU/GPL license is available for free and covers all needed for blog or web management. You can create articles, websites, upload data to FTP, upload pics, create galeries, etc.

Official website:  wordpress.org


standards following, easy form of Wiki, focused on creating a documentation. It's targered on developer teams, work groups and small companies. It has easy and strong syntax to ensure the readability of data files apart from Wiki and makes creatinf structured texts earries. No need for a database since the data are saved in text files.

Official website: www.dokuwiki.org/dokuwiki


flexible content management system. Do you want a blog, eshop, forum, corporate web? All can be done by Drupal. Small, stable a fast kernel with great interface and modules.

Official website: drupal.org


software package for full-time and distant learning through online courses.It provides sasy study material publication, establishing a forum, gathering and assessing of electronically sent tasks, creation of tests and others. It runs on Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Netware and any other system supporting PHP. Data are stored in MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL or Oracle database.

Oficial website: moodle.org.


professional content management system for full web content management. It includes many plugins, extensions, motive change, blogs, forums, calendar, etc. Joomla has a quality base of developers and contributors and it is licensed by GNU GPL and distributable free.

Official website: www.joomla.org


content management system not so popular these days with a motto  “flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system”. The use is limited to the user knowledge and experience. 

Official website: textpattern.com


internet shop with many functions and modules extensions can be installed for free and its beginner focused.

Official website: www.oscommerce.com



professional e-shop system that provides extension option with easy settings and usage. Intelligent template management system is included. 

Official website: www.zencart.com


quality forum made in PHP can be implemented into your web. It requires MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLLITE database.

Official website: punbb.informer.com

Other tested applications







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Safe mode

We don't use safe_mode


Applications on each domains are closed in address book with open_basedir restrictions meaning that is not possible to work with files form other domain (using the function include(), fopen() či copy()).

We can adjust the restriction on request.

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We have our own payment gateway with many integrated paying methods. You can use a bank tranfer, Paypal, debit or credit card and GoPay quick bank transfers. 

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We will send you automatically a request to pay for your domain a month before the end of prepaid period. Request maturity is 14 days. If you do not pay in this period, more request will be sent so you don't loose your services. If we don't receive the payment at all, the domain will expire. 

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You can check customer service  - my account/invoices.  You can check the documents and invoices.

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 We are ecological - the invoices can be seen and downloaded ellectronically. 

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V zákaznickém centru v sekci Můj účet na stránce kontakty, fakturace you can see and change the billing details. You cannot change the detail on an already issued document.

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How is it with servers

Servers are kept by a company SuperNetwork, the SuperHosting network provider. All servers are in our possession. We have spare servers as well as spare components. That why we can offer immediate services with nonstop server room supervision.

Except for us SuperHosting hosts other interesting projects on the Czech internet and offers an excellent service and maximum connectivity. It has been on the market for the past 10 years and since 2005 focused on providing server services.

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Backup is done into a distant server room Master DC - though an encrypted transfer to make your data 100% secured and safe in case of an unexpected failure. 

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Server setup

You can pay by a bank trasfer, PayPal, credit card or eKonto monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.

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Server installation

We start with everything as soon as your order is saved on our system - it usually takes 30min during weekdays. But sometimes it takes longer, so please be patient. 

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Server setup

Yes, you can. Technically the transition to a different variant  with new parameters needs system restart that can be done by us or yourself. 

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Server management

Yes, of course. You can choose if you want just pure Linux with root access or with our easy to use administration

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Every server is connected with 1 Gbps uplink to the switch without aggregation and speed limit. The capacity of the Supernetwork is 340 Gbps.

SuperHosting has a circular topology of the network, backing up is in N+1 mode. In case of a failure the connection is redirected in 10s to the backup source. The network is built on Cisco elements.

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The data on leased servers are not limited in any way.

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Standard installation of our servers includes the latest updates of the operation system, web server, database, ftp, php, email and others. We don't have to install anything on your server or on the other hand you can get any software available. 

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The number of domains and web applications running on a server is not explicitely limited. All depends on the system parameters and operating performance of the applications. 

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We will make everything as you wish. Nothing is a problem and we take is as a challenge. Only request that could affect the security or server running are not dealt with. 

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Hosting services of individual domains are managed by these tool: SFTP/SCP, rsync, FTP, phpMyAdmin, etc. You can allow distant access for databases. To manage the services you use web applications VPS centre where you find running operations characteristics (load, statistics). Alternatively you can use ICP Cinfig or get a server with simple opetating system installation.

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We always install the latest update of Linux with Debian distrubution. If you want to use VPS centre, then Debian is the only option. There is no problem with installation of CentoOS and Ubuntu. Ask us for more options.

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Running and server load is monitor by out administratorse. You can get an overview in statistics of Munin application. Basic details, e.g. RAM load, processor load, can be seen in VPS centre application.

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Get a certificate

HTTPS certificate by certificate authority Letsencrypt are prolonged automatically. 

For certificates by a classic cerfiticate authority bought with us you will be notified by a request for the payment for the next period. After receiving the payment we will prolong it. 

Certificates that you bought yourselves and let us run it for you will have to be taken care of by you. 

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Letsencrypt issues the certificates automatically. You won't even notice it. Classic certificate authorities first need to generate so called CSR request - we will deal with this. Then it needs to be verified through admin@vase-domena.tld. After the certificate is issued we provide installation. 

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No, you don't. We will deal with this either automatically or directly with you.

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These certificate types cover the verification of the organisation which takes days or weeks.

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Information about certificates

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects integrity and confidentiality of data between a user and web. Users expect safety and privacy while using web.We reccomend to protect your connection with HTTPS protocol.

Data sent through HTTPS protocol are secured with protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security) with three main layer of protection:

  1. Encrypting: Encrypts the transferred data against eavesdropping, activity monitoring on websites, data theft, etc.
  2. Data Integrity: Data during the tranfer cannot be changed or damaged withnout a notification.
  3. Verification: Confirms that users communicate with the given website. It protects against attacks such as man-in-the-middle and supports the user's trust that gives many advantages to companies.

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Standard SSL certificates

They are the most common type. 

They secure on domain (e.g.  www.vas-hosting.cz) Our standard SSL certificate secure domain with or without www.

Wildcard certificates

SSL certificates "with a star" secure the domain with all its subdomains, e.g. *.vas-hosting.czs secure: 

  • www.vas-hosting.cz  
  • mail.vas-hosting.cz  
  • centrum.vas-hosting.cz

If you need to secure more subdomains, it's best to get one wildcard certificate instead of many standard SSL certificates.

EV certificates

Extended validation certificates colors the address bar of the browser in green and shows holder's name. Green address certificate is visible and increases the credibility of the website. 

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Wordpress info

Wordpress is a platform and a worldwide standard for creating blogs and webs. Basically Wordpress is an open-source platform that helps to manage either a small blog or a company presentation with thousands of pages. Wordpress can be easily managed by a large number of webdesigners and coders which is a huge advantage. There are many motives and add-ons available to add to your web in 1 click. With our hosting you don't need to worry about installations and management.

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It's not. After hosting activation you start with he most updated installation. Everytime there is a new update available we will install it automatically. You don't need to care about anything.

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You don't have to know what it actually means. Your place an order for Wordpress hosting and only thing to care about it creating your web.

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Easy! With our migration tool the transfer is simple to Vas Hosting. All you need is original FTP web details. Your check yoir web even before the DNS change. There is an alternative URL available for you.

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The installation of wordpress will be ready on the chosen domain. No FTP or databases issues dealing, just log in. For better testing your web will be available on our subdomain so you don't have to wait for DNS changes, domain trasfer, etc.

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We are always ready to help on email, telephone, skype or web chat. It doesn't matter whether you are a database expert or just looking for your first domain. We will always help you.

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Call +420 ‭776 200 137‬ or drop us e-mail

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