Home of webs and emails created to experience the perfection. We are happy to help and support all users.

Spolehlivost a rychlost Reliability and performance thanks to our care, hardware, and datacentre
Skvělá podpora Great support helpful and useful every day
Administrace služeb Control panel easy and available from your phone
Bezpečnost Security with DDOS protection and free HTTPS
Skvělý e-mail Excellent E-mail with antispam and mobile webmail
Zálohování Reliable backup every day, across the country

There is a plan for everyone

 If all this is a bit confusing for you, just order Lite - a tariff that includes what is needed and is easy to upgrade. 

Start now with limited offer for first year.

Are you a student? There is a special plan for you

Looking for something mini? You get 100 MB data and PHP with our domain.

Full details

You get what you need

  • availability 99,99%
  • not overloaded servers
  • double electric supply and connectivity
  • reliable backup to a secondary datacenter
  • unlimited email accounts, databases, crons
  • unlimited traffic
  • unlimited customer support
  • Linux, Apache, Nginx
  • .htaccess, mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5.3, 5.6 and 7.1,-7.4
  • databases MySQL, PostgreSQL a SQLite
  • HTTPS (Letsencrypt), SSL certificates
  • FTP/s, POP3/s, IMAP/s, SMTP/s
  • DNS management
  • mobile friendly webmail, webftp
  • efficient antispam, antivirus
  • log files, statistics awstats
  • installation of content management system on one click
  • easy transition without failure
  • environment ready for wordpress, net and other systems
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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These frequent applications run on the server 

Many open source projects were tested on a server configured by us.
You bet that these applications are running like a Swiss watch:

Your questions, our answers

When you get a hosting program, there will be a dedicated space for your data on our server. Basically you can imagine it as a space in a computer disc, but this one is accessible from everywhere. You get also an access to your customer service and to all the neccessary details is sent to your email. Then it is up to you - upload the data and create an emails.

If all this is a bit confusing for you, just order Lite - tariff that includes what is needed e.g. email, databases, web, etc. You can run your blog, company website or more complicated applications.If you need to install your web to wordpress, order tariff Wordpress. You can always change your tariff, add more space, etc. If you are going for more complicated projects,try our virtual servers. If still confused, please contact us.

If you created a web in HTML in Dreamweaver or similar, all you need it log in to FTP and copy the files to the www file. To make it easier there are web ftp for you. Anyway we recommend a classic FTP client, the most popular is FileZilla operating on Windows, Mac and Linux. For Windows we recommend WinSCP. 

First step goes to your email. There is an initial installation protocol where you find all links and accesses. Next step is our customer service centre. You use your access from the email. There you can sort out your email accounts, databases and FTP

Once you have all accesses, set up FTP client and upload neccessary files to your domain. Your web is ready.

There is one domain on one hosting, including a database, email accounts and data space. Other of your domains can have hosting nd some of our services that are free with a domain, e.g. redirection, alias, free basic hosting (No emails and databases). Looking for multiihosting? Check our virtual server offer. You get an easy interface as hosting. Don't worry about the server management - it's included.

We have our own payment gateway with many integrated paying methods. You can use a bank tranfer, Paypal, debit or credit card and GoPay quick bank transfers. 

What our clients say about us

Some clients are with us shortly and others for the past 10 years. 

Auto Palace Group s.r.o.
Auto Palace Group s.r.o. Stanislav Perkner
“Eshop Autopalace needs to communicate safely with the company system Microsoft Navision and it has to be 100% available for our large buyers and customers. Everything works perfectly. ”
COMFOR STORES a.s. Daniel Roško
“I appreciate the smooth running of CRM with Oracle database. I haven't noticed any failure over the past 3 years. The network speed is great. ”
Civic Democratic Party
Civic Democratic Party Petra Kubáčková
“I was pleasantly surprised about your website interface. I always appreciate the technical support provided.”
4Company s.r.o.
4Company s.r.o. Tomáš Faksa
“CRM is the heart of our company so if it was unavailable, it would mean a dramatic loss for us. Fortunately, it's never happened over the past 5 years. Thank you. ”
Encore Technologies s.r.o.
Encore Technologies s.r.o. Dušan Ryban
“When we started our cooperation I was surprised how quickly you created the server tailored to our needs. I appreciate the stability and speed. ”
Aneri s.r.o.
Aneri s.r.o. Dalibor Kotek
“There is a hundred projects on our server. Thanks to the easy interface we don't need an administrator and we manage to deal with simple things ourselves. ”
10+ Years of experience
500+ Running servers
4500+ Domains in duty
300TB Handle

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