Domains with accents

So-called IDN domains stand for Internationalized Domain Names meaning domains with all national alphabet elements.

How does it work?

Basically, it means buying a domain with accents, e.g. www.váš If you enter this in your browser, IDN transcript accents into a special address form.

Domain váš

How to get an IDN domain?

If the registration of IDN domain is identical with buying a classic domain. Verify if the domain name is available and then place an order.

What extensions are supported by IDN?

com, eu, info, net, org

Do you want an accented domain?

Register domain

Conversion of IDN form to accents form and vice versa

Are you interested how is your domain looking in IDN form? Or do you want to find out the IDN form?

What else you get with a new domain?

Security Maximum security HTTPS and DNSSEC
Hosting Small PHP hosting or forwarding
AdminEasy mobile friendly customer panel
Comfort Maximum care and comfort

Your questions, our answers

For successul transfer you need to change the domain registrar and DNS settings. All must be approved by the owner. For an approval an email must be send to email adress of the owner (usualy the same email address as the one while registering the domain). An access to this email is neccessary. If confusing, we are happy to send more details. 

A domain stands for "Domain name". Is is a unique internet address which is being written into the browser address bar on the tp of the page. The main purpose is to replace long IP addresses. It is easy to write a domain in the address bar and press Enter to find your domain. You can get webhosting, create a web on wordpress and secure with HTTPS. All you need, you can get from us.

Using accents is highly common these days. The reason to use it is to protect your brand. Some domain ending (e.g.LTD) support domain accent registration. Czech domains do not support it but it is only a matter of time to find accents next to the ".cz" domain ending 

Don't worry because everything is very easy and fast. Thanks to the usage of several paying methods you get your domain active within 5 mins after paying your order. Sometimes it is neccessary to wait few more minutes due to DNS settings. 

You don't need to worry about your domain extension. We will contact you and your billing contacts in advance and remind you several times to have your domain extented. If you are no longer interested in your domain, please let us know so we can use it for somebody else. 

We are always ready to help on email, telephone, skype or web chat. It doesn't matter whether you are a database expert or just looking for your first domain. We will always help you. 

We have our own payment gateway with many integrated paying methods. You can use a bank tranfer, Paypal, debit or credit card and GoPay quick bank transfers. 

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