Domain transfer

If you have your domain with another registrar, you can always move it to us. It is called Domain Transfer.

How to do it?

  • To transfer your domain successfuly from another hosting provider, the registrar and DNS settings need to be changed. 
  • These changes need to be approved by the domain owner.
  • The process of approval starts with sending emails to the email adress of the domain owner (usually the same email as the one while making your domain registration)
  • Access to this email is neccessary. 

Transfer of the Czech domain .CZ

  • Firstly you need to place an order to transfer your domain to us.
  • You reveive an email with payment information immediately. As soon as we recieve your payment we can start the transfer.
  • We create a hosting account for you and send you the login details. At this point you can already upload your data, create email accounts, databases, etc. By doing that you prevent a failure of running of your domain and emails. 
  • By email we will ask you to provide a password to your domain so called AUTH-ID which is need to transfer the domain. To find the password you need to ask your current hosting provider. We will send the password to domain owner's email. As soon as we get the password we can start the transfer, which is finished soon after that. 
  • Lastly you need to change the DNS records in the customer service centre on NSSET VASHOSTING or you can contact us. 
  • To extend a Czech domain .CZ is needed only in cases of an expiration or close to expiration. By the transfer your domain pre-paid time is not chaged. 

Which domain do you want to tranfer?

Call +420 776 200 137 or drop us e-mail

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