Data centre and support

Perfect technical support is provided by Prague Data Centre TTC Teleport

Perfect technical support is provided by Superhosting. We own all servers and garantee immediate support. Superhosting was established in 2004 and we host many popular projects ever since.

  • Double energy supply, system UPS, double diesel aggregate
  • Dust-free and moisture-free environment
  • Continous cooling of racks is provided by overdesign air conditioning in N+1 mode
  • Clear, odourless and nonconductive gas used by fire system is ready to extinguish fire without any IT equipment damages
  • Data Centre fullfill the requirements of category TIER III

There is a nonstop supervision over all physical operations - instalations, restarts, inputs, supervision, business operations.

Our servers are always connected and ready.

All servers are backed up in a distant server room. Even if everything goes physically wrong we have it all backed up.

Call +420 776 200 137 or drop us e-mail

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